Medi Cramp Overview

Unlike most magnesium supplements on the market, Medi Cramp has been specifically designed and engineered to target muscle cramps and spasms. Working at an FDA Registered GMP Certified facility in the United States their team of researchers has created a unique formula comprised of 7 carefully-selected ingredients,  in the exact dosages shown in numerous clinical studies and trials to significantly reduce muscle cramps and spasms.

Key Ingredients

High-Quality Magnesium Citrate

1,875mg. Magnesium Citrate – Providing: 300mg Elemental Magnesium Citrate per serving.


Magnesium Citrate is Magnesium bound with citric acid, which is found naturally in citrus fruits. A common ingredient in Magnesium supplements, studies show that it is the most bioavailable form of Magnesium (source) meaning it is more easily absorbed by your body and will therefore work quicker and more effectively.

Each Medi Cramp capsule contains 300mg of Magnesium Citrate, a dosage shown to be effective in clinal trials. “Significantly more subjects thought that the treatment had helped after magnesium than after placebo 36 (78%) and 25 (54%) respectively, (p=0.03).” (source)

Vitamin B Complex

– 50mg. Thiamine Monoitrate

– 30mg. Vit. B-6 (Pyridoxine HCL)

– 250mcg. Cyanocobalamin

– 5mg. Riboflavin


Medi Cramp’s Vitamin B complex is made up of four different ingredients, each of which offers a number of benefits and work synergistically to enhance the effects of one another.

B Vitamins are vital to a healthy mind and body, a key factor in maintaining good energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism, while additionally in men, they are thought to increase testosterone, which naturally decreases with age. There is also evidence that taking a daily B complex supplement can reduce the effects of cramp, with one study finding 86% of the patients taking vitamin B had prominent remission of leg cramps, in comparison to those who took the placebo who had no significant difference from baseline. (source)

Zinc Sulfate – 30mg Zinc Sulfate

– 30mg Zinc Sulfate


Second only to iron as the most prevalent trace mineral found in the body (source) Zinc is one of the most important micronutrients in existence, central to your immune function, and used to make both protein and DNA.

In addition, there is evidence to suggest that zinc can reduce muscle cramps, with one clinical trial finding 30mg Zinc Supplementation improved cramps in 10/12 patients, and completely resolved the issues in seven of them! (source)


– 5mg Bioperine


Extracted from black pepper fruits, Bioperine is a patented antioxidant that helps your body absorb nutrients quickly and effectively. Clinical tests of Bioperine with a number of nutrient groups have shown it to significantly boost the bioavailability of supplemented nutrients through improved absorption. (source)

Our Verdict

Designed and engineered specifically to improve or prevent muscle cramps and spasms, Medi Cramp’s meticulous research-led approach sets them apart from other similar supplements available on the market. The ingredients have been selected based on clinical trials which show them to be effective in reducing muscle cramp symptoms, while their 90-day 100% money-back guarantee, on every bottle, displays their confidence in the effectiveness of their product and gives you peace of mind when you buy.


How quickly will it work?

According to their website, a large percentage of people report immediate results, though the majority see improved results within 2-4 weeks, and they recommend trying for at least 4 weeks.

How many capsules does each bottle contain?

Each bottle contains 90 capsules.

What dosage do they recommend?

For those with severe cramps, Medicare recommends taking the full dosage of 3 Medi Cramp capsules every day for between 4 and 6 weeks.

After this period, or if your cramp stops before then, they recommend reducing your dosage to 2 capsules per day for the next two weeks, and if your cramp doesn’t reoccur, they then recommend reducing your dosage to 1 capsule per day.

If your cramp returns at any point they recommend increasing your dosage through cycles and then reducing it again once it stops.

Will my cramps come back if I stop taking them?

As muscle cramps are often caused or worsened by nutrient deficiency, it is possible that your cramps will return if you stop taking the supplement.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing a cramp supplement, you really do have to be careful. Far too many brands are simply selling cheap, poorly absorbed products for bargain basement prices which sadly will bring you very little help in stopping your muscle cramp pains.

After searching the internet to find the best available and evaluating them based on their customer service, ingredients and pricing and more, we believe Health Guard Nutrition’s Medi Cramp is the best cramp supplement on the market.

Medi Cramp provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee – or your money back.